“Planning a successful event takes not only dedication & experience but also a great leader, a team mentality and the ability to enjoy every moment of the ride by staying even-keeled, no matter what it  is thrown at you!”  -  Alyssa Brownsmith

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With over 18 years of event planning experience + 7 years sponsorship sales and business development under her belt, Alyssa has successfully established herself as a diverse, team player that uses her creative background to go above and beyond bringing visions to life.

With her strong work ethic, ‘get‘er done’ attitude, and a great sense of humour, Alyssa enjoys taking on projects of any size both independently as well as a part of a team and surrounds herself with an amazingly talented group of event professionals to collaborate on client projects together.  You can feel confident knowing that every person who works on your project shares the same passion to go above and beyond to bring your idea to life. 

As we like to say 'Teamwork makes the dream work!'

We would love the opportunity to sit down and chat about your company's needs and goals, and see how our experience and eye for detail can bring your ideas to fruition.


It all begins with believing in the triple bottom line.

People. Planet. Profit

A big part of what we do revolves around our desire to make a positive impact in our community! 

Whether it's aligning with a charitable partner, creating thoughtful programming, or choosing environmentally responsible products/suppliers, we strive to ensure we make informed decisions with everything we do.


People- Taking care of those in the community, our clients and those on our team. We believe in working hard and providing value for our clients while ensuring fair pay, mentorship and positive work environment for our team.

Planet - We strive to implement ways to reduce your events' carbon footprint beyond the 3R's. Eco-friendly events are not just a passing fad, but a way of life. Every thoughtful decision we make in this capacity helps to ensure we are doing our part to Go Green. 

Profit - Alyssa Brownsmith Events will donate 5% of our profits from every project to a local charity we feel are working to better the lives of members of our community. 


´“…Alyssa brings with her a high aptitude for organization at all levels of the event planning and execution process, and is incredibly detail oriented. She has experience coordinating third party staffing both onsite and remotely, as well as a respectful, hard-working team player who faces challenges head-on. It has been a pleasure to have her work with us…” – Blair Bentham,  President & CEO, Formula Four Beverages Inc.



´ “….Alyssa was responsible for the creation, organization and execution of over 10 large scale dinners and events within an 18 day period. She was organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task finished. She showed creativity and out of the box thinking during the planning stages of these events, as well as persistence and professionalism in the execution stages….” – Steve Rutherford, HR McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada RE: Vancouver 2010 Contract